True Colors

Written by:
Kristin Hannah
Narrated by:
Sandra Burr

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
February 2009
13 hours 44 minutes
The Grey sisters had only each other when their mother died years ago. Their father provided for them physically on Water's Edge, the ranch that had been in their family for three generations, each of them however, longed for their father's love.

Winona, the oldest, knew early on that she could never get it. An overweight dreamer and reader, she didn't exhibit the kinds of talents and strengths her father valued.

Vivi Anne, the youngest, had those things. And it was Vivi Anne who only ever saw a glimmer of their father's approval.

When Vivi Anne makes a fateful decision to follow her heart, rather than take the route of a dutiful daughter, events are set in motion that will test the love and loyalties of the Grey sisters.

With breathtaking pace and penetrating insight, Kristin Hannah's True Colors is a novel about sisters, vengeance, rivalry, betrayal—and ultimately, what it truly means to be a family.
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Drivel. Read like some crappy Hallmark movie.

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This book seams better suited for young, preadolescent girls. As an adult, I found it boring and couldn't finish it.

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I kept cheering for Dallas. Great story to listen to and enjoy.

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This is definitely in my top 5! Loved the entire book! Well written!

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Donna H.

I have loved all 7 or 8 of Kristin Hannah’s books that I’ve listened to. I think this one would have been just as interesting if it hadn’t been for the narrator. It was poorly narrated with grown men and women sounding like cartoon characters or Chipmunks. I was so disappointed and regret spending my money on this one.

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Peri P.

I always enjoy books by this author, but this one is not at the top of my list. Though it kept my interest, the book dragged on and wasn’t as engaging as other Kristin Hannah books.

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Andrea M.

The story was great and I stayed captivated from start till end. It confirmed to me that sometimes 2nd chances are warranted and needed for all involved. It also reminded me that all families and communities have toxic members and that its ok to walk away from those who never fail to cause us pain. I found the narrators voice a little whiny when the story didn't call for it. Would recommend

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Faith K.

It drug on and on. This was one of my least favorite of hers. The narrator was not good. Wynonna’s voice was not pleasant at all

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Anne A

Although I didn't enjoy this as much as the profound Nightingale by Hannah, it was a good and compelling read.

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Berva Lorraine Hume

I enjoyed this book. There was much substance and it was a little dark at times, as it explored complicated relationships. It held my interest to the end. The narration was well executed and flowed nicely as well. I would recommend it to others.

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