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Abridged Audiobook

Written By: David McCullough

Narrated By: David McCullough

Publisher: Simon & Schuster

Date: December 1992

Duration: 6 hours 0 minutes


Hailed by critics as an American masterpiece, David McCullough's sweeping biography of Harry S. Truman captured the heart of the nation. The life and times of the thirty-third President of the United States, Truman provides a deeply moving look at an extraordinary, singular American.
From Truman's small-town, turn-of-the-century boyhood and his transforming experience in the face of war in 1918, to his political beginnings in the powerful Pendergast machine and his rapid rise to prominence in the U.S. Senate, McCullough shows a man of uncommon vitality and strength of character. Here too is a telling account of Truman's momentous decision to use the atomic bomb and the weighty responsibilities that he was forced to confront on the dawning of a new age.
Distinguished historian and Pulitzer-Prize-winning author David McCullough tells one of the greatest American stories in this stirring audio adaptation of Truman -- a compelling, classic portrait of a life that shaped history.


  • David W.

    Not wanting to listen to a book felt like I was cheating my self and taking a short cut. Reading is very fulfilling to me by reading the thoughts of another. But this has afforded me a way of cover more ground when my time is limited. If only Truman was alive today to show us the way. Great man and great narration.

  • Albert

    I was a Boy Scout during the Truman presidency. He came to our Jamboree at Valley Forge and addressed the throng. I don't remember what he said, but I was impressed that the President would come and speak to us. The present book gave me new insights into the character of the man. I think he was not much admired in his time. He is more admired now, I think. The audio book is terrific. The excerpts of Harry playing the piano are a nice touch. I recommend this book.

  • Anonymous

    This bio was okay...but the author suffered from the usual malady of most biographers.....he was overly partial to his subject. I don't remember one negative about Truman being mentioned. Also, McCullough overused superlatives....."this was the best time of his life;" "this was the greatest tragedy since the Civil War," etc. However, I certainly have a better picture of Truman and his times before I listened to the book. I'm just not sure that I have a fair and balanced picture from doing so.

  • tom

    Great cd. The writer/reader is simply first rate. History proved Mr. Truman to be one of the best presidents and this book is gives great detail and insight to a common man who did extraordinarily uncommon things for the good of our country.

  • Charles Weller

    Where is a good Truman when you need one? McCullough creates an intimate, more important, unbiased portrait of a flawed man who overcomes his heritage to become, maybe the best president...period. Truman's never-failing ability to spot B.S. and call it what it is, saved the USA many times over during a period when the ability to see the truth and say the truth and do what is right were qualities few politicians had. In fact, they are the very qualities which keep the best people out of office. The book shows how important character and integrity are, and by contrast makes the reader extremely frustrated with the administration we have now. When one compares the Truman presidency to all of those who followed, they all pale and wither in the dust. "Give 'em hell, Harry!" should have been his epitaph. If only we had him now! A great read -- or listen -- or whatever.

  • Charlie Dixon

    Great read, a must for History buffs. Starts slow with Trumans ancestors and childhood, but gets to some amazing and unkown (to me) issues and facts later. The War years and his decisions-actions were amazing and the meat of the book, very interesting post war also. Not much on FDR. After reading this, in my opinion the most underated President, and one of the greatest. A very informative Biography.

  • Michael Scott

    I always look forward to McCullough's books. He is, by far, my favorite biography author. Truman was yet another treasure. This simple, fiercely honest man, with such integrity that is not often seen in today's politics accomplished so much, for being the "Accidental President". It is a pity that this is not required reading in school. This is one President who deserves our respect and admiration. Pity that his ideals / integrity seems mostly forgotten in today's political arena.

  • Barb Gardner

    I have enjoyed learning of this quiet yet true man -- especially on the eve of the emergence of our next candidates. May we all be realigned by those who served with honor in the past and raise the bar for those serving today.

  • Anonymous

    I thought the book was well written and found it interesting. I especially enjoyed the audio clips which added a nice touch.

  • Margaret

    I enjoyed this biography very much. It gives a human touch to all the difficult crises that faced Truman---the atom bomb, the Berlin airlift, the Korean War. There are some definite comparisons to the international challenges that face our country now.


by David McCullough

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Truman, David McCullough