The Truth: An Uncomfortable Book About Relationships

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
October 2015
16 hours 51 minutes
From the author of the blockbuster bestseller The Game: A shockingly personal, surprisingly relatable, brutally honest memoir, in which the celebrated dating expert confronts the greatest challenge he has ever faced: monogamy and fidelity.

Neil Strauss became famous to millions around the world as the author of The Game, a funny and slyly instructive account of how he transformed himself from a scrawny, insecure nerd into the ultra-confident, ultra-successful “pickup artist” known as Style. The book jump-started the international “seduction community,” and made Strauss a household name—revered or notorious—among single men and women alike.

But the experience of writing The Game also transformed Strauss into a man who could have what every man wants: the ability to date—and/or have casual sex with—almost every woman he met. The results were heady, to be sure. But they also conditioned him to view the world as a kind of constant parade of women, sex, and opportunity—with intimacy and long-term commitment taking a back seat.

That is, until he met the woman who forced him to choose between herself and the parade. The choice was not only difficult, it was wrenching. It forced him deep into his past, to confront not only the moral dimensions of his pickup lifestyle, but also a wrenching mystery in his childhood that shaped the man that he became. It sent him into extremes of behavior that exposed just how conflicted his life had become. And it made him question everything he knew about himself, and about the way men and women live with and without each other.

He would never be the same again.

Searingly honest, compulsively readable, this new book may have the same effect on you.
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Etienne Coertzen

Bug fan of Neil Strauss , following on reading The Game couple years ago this is a great read . Love the different narrative to complete the story, only half way but can stop listening!

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Elena A.

This book just blew my mind. Listened to it twice! LOVE IT!

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Nadia M.

Great book

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Zakiya R.

Self-discovery at its best! Neil is a model for taking time to determine what you really want.

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great book

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Jo K

I really tried but could not finish listening this book, it drags on far too long, and I could not pull anything from it that was helpful. "Surprising relatable?", not in the slightest.

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Nicki S

Loved it. Thank you. Related so much to the complexities of relationships, being authentic and honest and strong communication about your desires. We just simple have to do the work on ourselves to live a happy fullfilling life. Thanks Neil for your raw honesty. xx

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Alexandra P von Sauber

Fantastic book! He is so much more than he started with. Great journalist in search of himself.

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Sylwester Grega

This was an excellent book to listen to, I made it about halfway and realize that it was not worth finishing and I can spend my time on something else. I do feel like the book is way too long, but I do like the multiple person narration. I was hoping more for a self-help sort of discovery from this book I'm going to get that

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Danny Fries

Narrated by Neil, the audiobook version draws you into the story and his healing process. Excellent read (listen).

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Sarah Healy

Great book and I felt like he was telling the story of my current relationship. So interesting. I've never been more excited to sit in L.A. traffic just so I could hear more of the story!

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Karen McLaughlin

It was way more book than I expected! I appreciated the mindset and journey of traveling where few people would dare go! The journey was captivating, hysterical, anxiety provoking, disgusting, and intriguing. The message is profound and real!

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Jenifer Marsh

It is hard to believe this book is non-fiction! Nonetheless, it was a pretty good read.

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