The Twisted Root

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
February 2019
13 hours 10 minutes
For Miriam Gardner, attending a party at the London home of her fiancé, Lucius Stourbridge, to celebrate their forthcoming marriage, it should have been one of the happiest days of her life. But, after making a sudden exit from the party, Miriam disappears without a trace. Reluctant to cause a scandal, Lucius seeks out William Monk, a detective with a reputation for excellence.
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Donna B.

As were the people in the court I could not have been more stunned. The entire tale from the old soldier to the end was spell binding. What a great audio book as Anne Perry always delivers

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Cynthia B.

Another stellar, twisty plot crafted by Anne Perry. I love how her characters protect their secrets so fiercely (as people do) that it I’m left bewildered to understand what is actually happening, as confused as detective Monk and the amazing Hester, now (finally) his bride in 1860. For this story, I guessed correctly the underlying “twisted root”about halfway through the novel, because I now know Perry’s uncanny ability to create heartbreakingly impossible life/relationship problems, but it didn’t matter that I had the inkling ahead of time. The full details and how the evidence comes out is much of the fun. Beautifully narrated; another winner in the Monk series.

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Debra H.

Very good book v

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Cecilia A.

Anne perry knows mystery. I really enjoy her.

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