Two Time

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
January 2006
9 hours 48 minutes
Sam Acquillo—ex-boxer, ex–corporate executive, and accidental hero of The Last Refuge—can't seem to stay out of trouble. All he really wants to do is hammer a few nails into his ramshackle cottage, drink a great deal of vodka, and hang out with his dog, Eddie. But when a car bomb outside a trendy waterfront restaurant kills a prominent financial consultant, injuring Sam and his lawyer friend, he is drawn into the investigation. Why would someone go to such lengths not only to kill someone but to annihilate them?Where the police have met roadblocks, Sam makes inroads with his trademark wit, instinct, and charm.

Set against the backdrop of Southampton, Long Island, Two Time is full of moody sunsets, beachfront properties, and beautiful people with an extraordinary amount of money and very dangerous secrets.
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