Ultimate Keto Fasting Clarity Guide: Complete Beginner's Plan to Quick Weight Loss by Intermittent Fasting on a Ketogenic Diet

Written by:
Eric Moore
Narrated by:
Ronald Hillman

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
July 2019
2 hours 56 minutes
Keto fasting is one of the most effective diets to date. The idea of retraining your body to burn fat rather than glucose has made success stories for all sorts of people. If you're looking for the secret to effective weight loss, a strategy that will improve your health, stave off the growing epidemic of diabetes and helping people through a whole host of medical conditions, then this book is it.
Want to try a new way of eating that will get rid of those gnawing cravings experienced on other diets? Looking for a way to boost your energy, build muscle, and lose fat all at the same time? Keto Fasting is how you can do it all. Learn how to eat in a way that will help your body transform into a well-oiled machine, efficient in every way. If you are a person who is tired of not being able to perform at your peak, then you are ready to join the millions of others who have found success in one of the simplest possible ways, through Keto Fasting.
In this book you will learn:
• What is involved in a ketogenic diet,
• How to do intermittent fasting,
• Why the combination is so effective,
• How to control your insulin better,
• How to get started,
• How to avoid the common mistakes so many make on the keto fast,
• And much, much more.
This is a book that can change your life not just physically, but mentally and emotionally as well. If you are ready for a serious change in your life, download this book today and get yourself on a new path to a whole new you.
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