The Ultimate Kids Stories Collection - 7.5 Hours

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
February 2018
7 hours 34 minutes
Belling The Cat|Better Go Steady Father Time|Black Beauty|Bonzo And The Bone|Bubble And Squeak|Bubbles Broke Handle|Cinderella|Delight in a collection of our favourite children's stories voiced by Brenda & Robin Markwell. From a fantastic edition of Beauty and The Beast, to a captivating retelling of The Little Mermaid, and many, many more...

This collection includes:

Beauty And The Beast|Dick Whittington|Don't Tamper With Time|Emerald The Engine|Finn McCoull|Goldilocks And The Three Bears|Gradpa Teds Spoons|Hansel And Gretel|Jack And The Beanstalk|Knox The Fox And The Kangaroo of Waterloo|Miss Owl Saves The Day|Mother Rabbits Moving Day|Mr Grumps Garden|Old King Cole And Witch Wierdilocks|Old Mother Hubbard|Old Mother Starteditall|Pookie Doodles Boating Lake Adventure|Pots And Pans|Puss In Boots|Rapunzel|Sammys Miracle|Simple Simon And The Apples|Sleeping Beauty|Squeak And The Flour Bin|Sybil The Spoon|The Adventures Of Pinnochio|The Brown Bear And The Fox|The Dancing Princess|The Emperors New Clothes|The Emu And The Kangaroo|The Frog Prince|The Frog Princess|The Greedy Dog|The Journey|The Kangaroo of Waterloo|The Kings New Clothes|The Little Fir Tree|The Little Gingerbread Man|The Little Mermaid|The Little Red Hen|The Little Tin Soldier|The Old Woman Who Lived In A Shoe|The Pied Piper Of Hamelin|The Princess and the Pea|The Selfish Giant|The Shepherds|The Squirrel of Wirral|The Ted Beards Medley|The Ted Bears Adding Adventure|The Ted Bears Medley 2|The Three Billy Goats Gruff|The Three Little Pigs|The Tinder Box|The Tortoise And The Hare|The Town Mouse And The Country Mouse|The Ugly Duckling|The Wind And The Sun|Toad In A Hole|Tom Thumb|What Shall We Do|Willie The Whale
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