Unbalanced Luck

Unbalanced Luck

Written by:
Mel Todd
Narrated by:
Autumn Juliet
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Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
November 2023
12 hours 3 minutes
Freedom and a chance to live, right?Cori Munroe just wants to enjoy her life after her Draft service has completed. The kids are delightful, her home life is good, but as always, trouble finds her.

Rips between Earth and the realms are appearing and she seems to be to the only mage that can easily close them. When Esmere calls her to attend the council, something she thought she was well clear of, she finds herself forced to take up a position as Lord of Earth.

With the council expecting her as the Herald of Magic to stop the rips, Earth freaking out and preparing military responses to the rips, Cori finds herself caught in the middle between old friends in the structures of power and new friends in the realms.

Can Cori find the answers to the Undoing and stop this before something unforgivable is done? Or will she and her family be caught in the middle of a war between Magic and Earth? How high will the cost get?

Book seven in the Twisted Luck series is here now.
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