Unbreakable: A Navy SEAL's Way of Life

Written by:
Thom Shea
Narrated by:
Brian Troxell

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
October 2015
9 hours 0 minutes
A highly decorated Navy SEAL shares stories of his years of combat experience in Afghanistan, providing leadership insights that will shift your view of yourself and provoke life-altering change.

Before leaving for combat in Afghanistan, Navy SEAL Thom Shea promised his wife that he would write to his children in case he didn't make it back. What was initially intended to be a private memoir for his family turned into a powerful set of lessons for anyone striving to perform beyond what they believe possible.

Shea's stories, while action-packed and entertaining, provide incredible insights on leadership, family, and excellence. In Unbreakable, Shea teaches readers how to achieve and maintain a strong internal dialogue through no matter what the task. Read this book and transform your life.
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Allen F

Awesome book !! It's a book that you listen to and wish it would not end

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Matt Schwanke

The best book I've ever read. Great life principles to live by, war, live and love, laughter all in one book. Great read. I always recommend this book to everyone.

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