Under the Bridge

Written by:
Anne Bishop
Narrated by:
Sarah Weatherwax

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
October 2020
11 hours 57 minutes
"There are people who break open and make a new, bigger, self. But some of us are ... brittle."

When stress causes an old trauma to surface, Lucy, a longtime community organizer, teacher and anti-poverty activist, loses control of her life. On probation and living on the streets of Halifax's North End, all she has left is friends. Faithful friends like Judith, her lawyer, who is helping her take back her life.

Lucy begins to regularly sneak into Judith's basement to take refuge from the cold, but Lucy's presence in the house betrays their friendship, and she uncovers mysteries from Judith's past. As events draw their lives closer, Lucy and Judith are forced to face the toll taken by their secrets. Each of them must choose between confronting past pain or remaining broken.
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Jennifer M.

Love love loved this book! Fantastic story and amazing characters! Please write similar (or even a sequel) stories. Always use this narrator. He was great! Again, loves it. Thank you!

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