Under the Northern Lights

Written by:
Tracie Peterson
Narrated by:
Christina Moore

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
June 2008
10 hours 14 minutes
Award-winning author of more than 70 best-selling books, Tracie Peterson crafts an inspiring story of Arctic adventure and selfless love. Set amidst the savage beauty of 1915 Alaska, Under the Northern Lights is a compelling tale of abduction, despair, and hope. Hidden in Alaska's vast wilderness, a ruthless murderer holds two ladies hostage: one a newlywed, the other a detective. With Leah ravaged by despair and Helaina disabled by fever, the captives have little chance of escape-unless God provides the healing they so desperately need. Fearing for the safety of the women they love, Jayce and Jacob pray they can save Leah and Helaina before winter's icy blasts freeze all hope of rescue. Christina Moore's gripping narration helps listeners experience the bone-chilling fury of an Arctic blizzard, the paralyzing fear of evil's grip, and the comforting strength of God's presence. Listeners will also enjoy Summer of the Midnight Sun, the first book in the trilogy, weaving adventure, excitement, and highly charged emotional examples of Christian faith into a fully robust tale that never slows down . [Peterson] combines excellent writing, superb research, and fabulous adventure in an incredible frontier setting .'-Reviewers International Organization
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jessie ryan

borING and repetitive. felt like every chapter was Half a repeat of the previous chapter

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