The Underground City

Unabridged Audiobook

Written By: Jules Verne

Narrated By: John Bolen

Publisher: Tantor Media

Date: February 2009

Duration: 4 hours 30 minutes


How can humans survive and prosper 1,500 feet below the earth's surface? Jules Verne successfully weaves a dark yet magnificent story into this equally dark world. The book takes place in a revived and now prosperous coal mine. Amazingly, life in the mine has everything that one could desire, including a lake, fish, and attractive homes. Yet there lurks an evil presence: unexplainable, malicious, and life-threatening occurrences begin. And this evil force could destroy the underground world and everyone in it.


  • Howeln

    I didn't think it nearly as bad as others make it out, but I do see what they well as agree with many of thier comments, if not to the same degree. I would not recommend this as a top choice, but a good choice if nothing else seems to grab your attention. This is one of those books I would not have been able to read all the way through, but worth it in a car commute (45min each way).

  • cdf

    Maybe in its day this story was groundbreaking and innovative - but by today’s standards it is merely a moderate storyline with rather thin characters. To sum up this story, a mine closed down, a rather die-hard mining foreman could not give up the mining life and took his family to live in the depths of the mine. They discover some vast and extensive caverns and reopen the mine and start a mining community on the banks of an underground lake. Along the way, a 'mysterious' presence makes mild efforts to prevent them from moving forward. I was rather disappointed in the story as a whole.

  • Gordon Goodman

    A few minutes in and I couldn't stand the bad accents of the reader and poor quality recording. It's like someone recorded it with a tape recorder in their bedroom. That may be the method with all of Tantor media's recordings. They do classics, but, it seems, the cheapest way possible.

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by Jules Verne

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Underground City, Jules Verne