The Underland Chronicles Book Five: Gregor and the Code of Claw

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
October 2008
9 hours 4 minutes
Rich in suspense and brimming with adventure, the New York Times-bestselling Underland Chronicles unfold the fate of the Underland and the great warrior, Gregor. Suzanne Collins is also the author of the bestselling Hunger Games trilogy.

Everyone has been trying to keep Gregor from seeing the final prophecy, The Prophecy of Time. It says something awful: It calls for the warrior’s death. The warrior being Gregor, of course. Now, an army of rats is quickly approaching and Gregor’s mom and little sister, Boots, are still in Regalia. The entire existence of the Underland is in Gregor’s hands and time is running out. There is a code that must be cracked, a new princess to contend with Gregor’s burgeoning dark side, and a war designed to end all wars.

In this suspenseful final installment in the acclaimed Underland Chronicles, Suzanne Collins unfolds the fate of the Underland and the great warrior, Gregor the Overlander, in a manner that can only be described as masterful.
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Mandy S.

My boys and I listened to all 5 of the books in the series this summer. The author held our attention through all 5 books. We were all left wanting more. That's how much we had grown to love the characters. Now we miss them and wish we knew what happened to them later in life.

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Steven H.

A very heart wrenching part of the series. I hope some day the the author does one last back to tie up the open ending.

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Amy Wells

Awesome book!!! Collins needs a 6th!! I read on her blog that she was prepared for a 6th but for some reason she never did but she prob will finish the series! :D

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Christiane L.

Love this whole series, wish the ending didn’t leave you feeling sad and like there should’ve been more. Listened to all 5 books in our cross country road trip. Kids loved it all except the ending.

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