An Unfinished Life

Unabridged Audiobook

Written By: Mark Spragg

Narrated By: Tony Amendola, Judith Marx

Publisher: HighBridge Company

Date: September 2004

Duration: 7 hours 7 minutes


Ten years after Griffin Gilkyson dies in a car accident, his widow Jean returns to their small hometown in Wyoming to rescue their child and herself from the latest in a string of abusive boyfriends. Refuge, however, comes at a cost: facing the wrath of a father-in-law who blames Jean for the death of his beloved son. Einar Gilkyson had resigned himself to living out his days in the company of Mitch Bradley, his best friend since the Korean War, now housebound and in constant suffering after a horrific grizzly mauling. The sudden appearance of jean—and the granddaughter he has never known—forces Einar to come face-to-face with his own paralyzing pain.


  • B. Evans

    Obviously, if you are reading these reviews, there is considerable confusion as to which book titled "An Unfinished Life" is being reviewed. I read the novel by Mark Spragg, and it was outstanding. I had seen the movie first, and athough it was good, the book is better (when is a book not better?) This is the first review I have written, although I have listened to 30+ titles. This is one of the best I have heard. I highly recommend it.

  • Anonymous

    I thoroughly enjoyed this book and wish that I had listened to the unabridged version. As someone who was in late grade school/early high school during the rendered events, it enabled me to understand the cause and effect of happenings that were just meaningless names to be memorized in Government class. I recommend this selection highly to anyone who would like to understand why the 60's will always be seen as a time of high idealism and a crucial turning point in our history.

  • Anonymous

    I think I must have let my que empty. I can't imagine otherwise how I would have been listening to this dry recount of a story I know all too well- the beginning, middle and ending. Told from a much too one sided slant of the Kennedy family view of life, it leaves no room for a sliver of information regarding Jackie and how President Kennedy himself viewed their relationship. My Irish Catholic Grandmother had cut President Kennedy's picture out of the Sunday Magazine in the newspaper. It remained framed in her living room until she had passed on. My siblings and I seriously pondered whether we should slip the faded photo from a 1960's Sunday Magazine into her casket among the other family photos we'd slipped into the folds of satin. In the end we decided against including the clipping, being of two generations later and having a more broadened view of President Kennedy's life.

  • Diana Nunn

    Please, read the book first. I read Mark's other book, and I liked both. Great writer and keeps you on the edge of your seat. Many driveway moments!

  • Anonymous

    A well written biography; the author gives interesting and not well known (at least to me) insight into the health issues of the president and how/whether those health problems may have impacted the presidency. Thoughtful analysis of Kennedy's global policies, and an even-handed, non-sensational accounting of Kennedy's more 'human' side. All told, an interesting listen.

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by Mark Spragg

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