Unshakeable: Dismantling Satan's Plan to Destroy Your Foundation

Unabridged Audiobook

Written By: John Eckhardt

Narrated By: John Eckhardt

Publisher: Oasis Audio

Date: September 2015

Duration: 5 hours 0 minutes


You must be stable, fixed, and firmly planted in God in order to survive this unstable world.

We all know people who sometimes act in polar opposites: the minister who is godly, prayerful, and holy at times, yet has periods of sin and perversion; the person who is outgoing and cheerful, yet falls into bouts of withdrawal and depression; or the person who is gentle and kind, yet has periods of outburst and rage.

Unshakeable is a teaching unlike any other from best-selling author John Eckhardt, and it will help you break the most binding, demonic force: double-mindedness. Through this powerful audio book, you will develop a firm, Christlike identity that will not be easily shaken by this world.

You will learn how to overcome the manifestations of double-mindedness that result in:

Broken relationships and divorce?? Indecision and passivity?? Bitterness and anger?? Hurt and offense Fear and rejection? Spiritually rooted sickness and disease And much more!

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