Virus: Stockholm: Book 2

Written by:
Daniel åberg
Narrated by:
Michelle Fox
VIP Reward

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
July 2021
9 hours 22 minutes
A deadly, very aggressive and airborne virus has destroyed civilization. In the midst of devastation we follow the survivors, Amanda, Iris, Sigrid & Dano. But having survived the apocalypse is no blessing - now hell begins.

The four of them just want to heal their wounds. But an uninfected, heavily armed, gas mask wearing militia has other plans for them. Sigrid is kidnapped. If they can't find the militia's hiding place before morning, Iris's daughter will die.

Poorly equipped, their rescue operation begins. But the desperate plan has a dark side, and as the death toll rises, the question must be asked: how far is it morally justifiable to go to save the one you love? Society may have perished, but there is still much to lose.
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Christine C.

Could not put this book down. Very exciting. Had to buy series 3. Where are series 4-7. No one produced the audio versions yet. And Virus 1-5 were published before Covid-19.

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Ron P

Very good read, but not as exciting as I expected

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