The Vision of the Anointed: Self-congratulation as a Basis for Social Policy

Written by:
Thomas Sowell
Narrated by:
Jim Seybert

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
March 2022
11 hours 26 minutes
Thomas Sowell's provocative critique of liberalism's failures

The Vision of the Anointed is a devastating critique of the mindset behind the failed social policies of the past thirty years. Thomas Sowell sees what has happened not as a series of isolated mistakes but as a logical consequence of a vision whose defects have led to disasters in education, crime, family disintegration, and other social pathology. In this book, 'politically correct' theory is repeatedly confronted with facts-and sharp contradictions between the two are explained in terms of a whole set of self-congratulatory assumptions held by political and intellectual elites. These elites-the anointed-often consider themselves 'thinking people,' but much of what they call thinking turns out, on examination, to be rhetorical assertion, followed by evasions of mounting evidence against those assertions.
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Craig H.

Sowell does a great job explaining WHY the liberal elite think the way they do. While it is too bad they will never admit they are wrong on anything, at least he gives tools to combat their non arguments. Seybert is a decent narrator, but I have seen clips of Sowell speaking and would have loved for him to have read it himself.

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