Unabridged Audiobook

Publisher: Brilliance Audio

Date: November 2014

Duration: 16 hours 21 minutes


Timeshapers Rigg, Umbo, and Param must stop the Visitors from ordering the destruction of the planet Garden. Can they find a way to save their home world—without destroying all human life on Earth? Everything they’ve tried so far has failed—they can’t even figure out why the humans from Earth would want to wipe out this eleven-thousand-year-old colony world. So to find the answer, Rigg must visit every wallfold on Garden to discover what the Visitors fear so much, while his duplicate, Noxon, takes a time-twisting route back to Earth in hopes of changing the future from the enemy’s side. Neither mission can succeed without the help of allies who have proven themselves to be untrustworthy again and again. Meanwhile, Umbo struggles to save the lives of the people he loves without upsetting the whole course of history, while Param and her counselors try to save their homeland from the cruelest of tyrants—Param’s mother. Yet looming over their actions is this question: Will all of their efforts come down to a choice between human life on Earth or human life on Garden?


  • Bill I

    Necessary book to finish Book 2 as it left things hanging. This was good but not great. Confusing as there ends us to be many versions of each of the characters. A paper layout of all of the divergent characters would help but since this is an AUDIO book that just is not possible. Logic in how thing are and will be in the future are illogical as enemies tend to retain their hatred for each other and not become buddy buddy. Aliens, mice and men just ARE NOT going to get along no matter how much you try. They hate each other, they try to kill each other and want to manipulate each other. NOT a good solution. Separate Folds for individual species is the only solution.

  • J W

    While the story was very well written, and very enjoyable overall, occasionally Card got lost in the details which led to long long long sections of theoretical blah de blah dealing with the finer points of time travel.


by Orson Scott Card

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