The Vixen Diaries

Written by:
Karrine Steffans
Narrated by:
Karrine Steffans

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
June 2009
5 hours 35 minutes
Karrine Steffans continues to share the much-sought-after details of her star-studded life in this juicy tell-all—​and dishes on the celebrity men that helped her get where she needed to be.

This titillating expose chronicles the personal and professional adventures of this tabloid-laden socialite, dispelling some rumors, while confirming others.

Diaries unveils the heavily shrouded Hollywood backrooms and its coveted secrets. Offering her ardent fans answers to burning questions and presenting lessons learned, this book will surely not disappoint.

Karrine draws you in to get an up-close and personal look at the Hollywood life of fast money and sex; all the things that make for a great movie. She discusses her interactions with people after the release of Confessions of a Video Vixen and how she copes with it all.
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jami ford

what a shallow self obsessed woman - This book is about nothing but the author stroking her own ego

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Karrine is very easy to listen to and I enjoyed the book. She hops around a lot. It’s better to listen to as an audiobook than actually reading through the pages. It was like one of your friends telling you a story about the events of their life. Very intriguing.

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Talia Holloway

A lot of repetitive back and forth, same topics going around and around continuously.

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Jamilla Phillips

It was ok not drama filled but enough juicy to satisfy I suppose

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