Written By: Francine Rivers

Narrated By: Richard Ferrone

Date: June 2008

Duration: 21 hours 32 minutes


Francine Rivers, winner of the ECPA Gold Medallion, is a best-selling author of Christian fiction. A Voice in the Wind takes listeners into a richly imagined ancient Rome in the midst of its great decline. This heart-stirring tale of a young slave girl, torn between her love for a handsome aristocrat and her faith in God, transcends genres with its awe-inspiring power and emotional intensity.


  • Anonymous

    Excellent! Its refreshing to listen to a book that actually teaches you positiveness and a better approach to dealing with life and people who are difficult. This book series is good for everyone....young and old The lessons in this book can be applied to every experience we go through.

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  • Jamie D.

    I really enjoyed this book! I do agree with other reviews in that it was slow to start. Then I was hooked. I looked forward to my house chores and making dinner so I could listen. I just love the faith woven through the story in a way that is relatable. Fabulous author!!

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  • Lindie F.

    Amazing story just loved it

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  • Anonymous

    Storyline was really good. seemed to include so much of life in ancient Rome that hopefully reflects good research and not just a good imagination. I have to agree with other review that was a bit slow moving. my biggest beef is the narrator chosen. 21 hours of that raspy radio commercial voice does not make for a easy listening voice. even after 21.5 hours of listening I could not get used to his female voice for Julia. makes me think of a stubble faced man in a dress with hairy legs showing and some lipstick and rough on his face trying to play a female figure. he's not alone as I have listened to other books with this problem as well. would be better is he just read all parts with his normal voice and far less distracting. or have a female reader do all female parts and men do men parts only. I pray this approach will take one day soon with audio fiction books.

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  • RoseBlaze P.

    God is good!!

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  • Lisa J

    slow to start

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  • Z Lan

    Absolutely love this book. Feels like I know Hadassa and it almost feels like she is so real. A great story! Have read/listened to it twice already.

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  • Emma F

    One of my favorites!! Compelling story about a girl growing in her faith as she faces challenges that are present in today's world. Great read for renewing one's own faith.

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  • Carol H

    Love Francine Rivers!! Her books bring to life the history of the Bible along with man's every day struggles and how we can over come them!!

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  • Jennifer G.

    This story is at times, gritty, but very compelling. The characters are so real and the story so interesting. I really appreciate the historic fiction of Francine Rivers.

  • Lauri C.

    Loved all the details about Ancient Rome that were talked about in this book. It was an informative read as well as a great story! Very inspirational and I found myself praying to have the kind of faith that Hidasa has.

  • Renee M.

    I love Francine Rivers and have listened to many of her books. However, I have tried to listen to this title 4x and can not get passed this narrator. I’m returning it.

  • Chris C.

    Felt as though I were in Jerusalem/Rome/Ephesus and as though I knew each of the characters. I recommend Voice in the Wind!

  • Jabelle M.

    Book was slow to start and confusing and I almost stopped the book. But I was wondering why people rated it so high so I pressed on. And probably a few hours in I was so into it! I loved Hadassah’s character and was so inspired by how deep her faith was. Julia’s character was so annoying but that’s how some people are in life…I thought the book was well thought out and people’s emotions were easy to relate to. I love Francis’s books. This is my second book from hers that I’ve listened/read. The narration was good but his narration for the female’s characters sometimes threw me off haha.

  • Anonymous

    One of the best book I have ever read,

  • Cheryl Ellis

    This was so good! Francine Rivers is an amazing writer and the narrator Richard Ferrone did a great job! I want faith like Hadessa!!

  • Jennifer D.

    amazing trilogy

  • Hanne W.

    not my kind, sorry

  • Charlotte B.

    This was something new! I loved this

  • Clint D.

    I loved it especially that it takes place in early Church history

  • Anonymous

    Amazing rendition of a complex and beautiful adventure. Have, and can continue to, listen over and over.

  • Julia U.

    The voice of the narrator is a bit too low, so it was hard to listen in the beginning. But the book is very special, especially the main character - Hadassah.

  • Anonymous

    An enjoyable listen.

  • Clair M.

    Great book

  • Anonymous

    Beautiful story.

  • Anonymous

    Excellent story! Thought provoking about choices and conduct based on ones beliefs or influence.

  • Hajnalka S.

    Loved it!

  • Carly G

    The story moved EXTREMELY slow. I tried my best to finish it, but I found it difficult. I listen to half the book and felt bored to tears. I love some of Francine Rivers books, but this one was frustrating slow and boring.

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Voice in the Wind, Francine Rivers
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Voice in the Wind, Francine Rivers
This title is due for release on June 20, 2008
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