The Voyage of The Aegre: From Scotland to the South Seas in a Shetland boat

The Voyage of The Aegre: From Scotland to the South Seas in a Shetland boat

Written by:
Nicholas Grainger
Narrated by:
Nicholas Grainger
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Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
December 2023
10 hours 44 minutes
The Voyage of The Aegre is a dramatic true account of how a plan to sail a little fishing boat from the Highlands of Scotland down the coast to England turned into a trans-oceanic odyssey for Nick and Julie Grainger. It was the 1970s and their simple wooden boat was equipped with none of the aids modern yachts enjoy. Navigation was by sextant and compass, food cooked on a Primus, and weather forecasting by guesswork. Diligent preparation before they set sail eventually saved their lives in the violent storms and dangers they encountered, vividly described in this absorbing narrative. Their capsize at night in a fierce storm south of Tahiti and subsequent survival makes a gripping climax to the story. A born storyteller, the author has produced a stirring tale that ranks among classic sea adventures.

From a simpler age of sailing when you were led across oceans by the sun and the stars, this book deserves to join the classics. It is simply a top class read - Paul Heiney, Royal Cruising Club.

A terrific adventure - John Ridgway, 1966 North Atlantic rower, Round the World sailor, Adventurer, Author.

One of the greatest sailing stories I have ever read - John Quirk, Afloat magazine.
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