Voyage of the Forgotten

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
November 2022
18 hours 41 minutes
In this twistingly beautiful and epically thrilling conclusion to the fantasy trilogy

The Legacy of the Mercenary King, Michael, the infamous King Killer, and Serena, the Hollow Queen, race against the odds to have the future they’ve worked so hard to protect … or risk bringing about the end of the world.

Michael Kingman has discovered his destiny, but the distance to what he wants namely, a life with Serena, the queen of the Hollow kingdom—is as wide as the world, and just as cruel.

Meanwhile, Dark, the realm’s most fearsome mercenary, Michael’s sometime mentor, and son of his nemesis, Angelo, is trying to keep Michael in line for his own purposes, as he too has a hidden agenda. Michael comes to realize that he is
outclassed by powers that have been working for centuries to break long-hidden seals that will lead to an apocalyptic war. But when has merely being overpowered ever stopped Michael?

To prevent what may begin the end times, Michael must gather his remaining allies and push himself to achieve the impossible, because the alternative is worse than he can imagine: it’s not just the beginning of the end of the world, it’s being alone and forgotten.
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