Written By: Diana Gabaldon

Narrated By: Davina Porter

Date: January 2007

Duration: 43 hours 32 minutes


Diana Gabaldon's magnificent historical saga, begun with Outlander and Dragonfly in Amber, continues with this New York Times bestseller. Set in the intriguing Scotland of 200 years ago, the third installment in the romantic adventures of Jamie and Claire is as compelling as the first. Now that Claire knows Jamie survived the slaughter at Culloden, she is faced with the most difficult decision of her life. She aches to travel back through time again to find the love of her life, but, in order to do that, she must leave their daughter behind. It has been 20 years since she and Jamie were forced to separate. Can she risk everything, maybe even her life, on a gamble that their love has withstood the long, rigorous test of time? Diana Gabaldon's powerful, witty, and heroic characters lend themselves well to the rich, melodic narration accorded them by Davina Porter. Under her spell, listeners find themselves transported back through time to exciting faraway places alive with people they would enjoy knowing.


  • Jessica B

    Davina Porter is the BEST narrator I have ever heard! She literally brings the book to life.

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  • Alexina K.

    Simply brilliant.

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  • senta s

    Love it over and over again! Davina Porter is amazing.

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  • Cathy Ward

    LOVE THIS BOOK! I have listened to it so many times, I can't even remember the count!

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  • Ibet A.

    Excellent book!

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  • Taydarr

    Leaves you wanting more! Great book and excellent narration!

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  • Brianna Piche

    It took me a while to finish Dragonfly in Amber, but I could not stop listening to Voyager. The narration is fabulous - Davina Porter has an excellent cadence and her voices and accent help the characters stand out and become more real. Really enjoyed the new characters that were introduced, and the relationships between existing characters from the Outlander series. The pace of events at the end of this book was very fast, and I found myself wishing for more time in the West Indies (no spoilers, but felt like there was not enough time spent tying together some of the events from the earlier book, and there was not enough satisfying resolution), but loved all the intrigue of magic and witchcraft, blended with romance and time travel.

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  • lisa smith

    This my 3rd go around on this book series. I absolutely love this series.

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  • Sally G.

    My favorite book of the Outlander series, and the narrator is amazing!


    If I could give more stars for Davina Porter, I would! She is excellent! The book was not my favorite in the series but I really didn't start losing interest until the last few chapters...it drags on a bit. It didn't stop me from finishing it and I have moved on to the next one!

  • Pamela Brown

    Great experience. Makes you think differently about history.

  • heygij

    The reader is amazing at all the voices required and keeps the distinct voices of the main characters. There are very few changes between the book and the tv series but still an excellent book of you've already seen the season.

  • Alice P

    Think this was the best book of the Outlander series I've listed to so far. Loved the adventures of Claire & Jamie at sea and the West Indies. Can't wait for the next one. Davina Porter is an incredible narrator and really brings the story and characters to live.

  • Anonymous

    Fantastic and engrossing storytelling. Descriptions are mesmerising. Incredibly skilled reading by Davina.

  • Darrick J.


  • Patti Neitzke

    I've loved the books so far and ready to continue on to the next book.

  • Aminata S.

    Amazing book! Excellent narration!

  • Hajnalka S.

    Series captures my attention love the Storyline and hoe the narrator Makes the scene real up front of me

  • Phyllis N.

    spellbinding. you feel uou are there as another witness in time.

  • Aino K.

    I loved this book and I loved the narrator. I am usually too lazy to read books with too much ''wordy illustration'' but I enjoyed the picture that the words were drawing by listening to it and not reading. I loved the story and I loved that the author showed the real struggle of these 2 protagonist to reconnect. It was not only sunshine and rainbows but fights and heartache. I was kind of happy that they did not have proper absolution/reckoning after their biggest fight (unexpected meeting at Lallybroch) but kind of ended up sailing (literally and figuratively) together anyways. I was happy that the book was so lengthy and I was sad when it ended. I will re-listen this after some time with bit faster speed (1,5x) The narrator speaks so calmly that it is still understandable when the reading is sped-up.

  • Hillary W.

    Diana Gabaldon does an amazing job depicting the mentality and way of life in the Highlands in the 1700's. The books can seem a little too dense at times, but there is a purpose to every sentence she has written, it might just take a bit to become apparent why... I love Claire and Jamie and the unpredictable tale that Ms. Gabaldon weaves! I am about to start the 4th book in the series (after reading the first one over and over and over again) and I cannot wait to see what she has in store for me. Davina does a great job with Jamie and Claire's sarcastic whit and I really enjoy her narration throughout the story. She does a great job with each accent presented (and there are quite a few) and she really embodies the characters. I can always tell exactly who she portraying. All in all a very entertaining read! (Or listen!)

  • Madison P.

    I'm hooked, on to the next book in the series!

  • Yasmeen K.

    Great series, wonderful narration.

  • Jordyn R

    I am obsessed with this series! Wonder listen. Now onto the next.

  • Siobhan D

    I loved the first two books in this series, but in this book the author’s depictions several characters were offensive and racist. Her portrait of a Chinese man is nearly as bad as Mickey Rooney’s “Japanese” character in Breakfast at Tiffany’s, and (semi-spoiler alert) all it takes is a hot bath for Claire to go from being horrified by the conditions of slavery to basically being ok with it. I’m embarrassed to have recommended this series to friends in the past, and really disappointed with the turn it’s taken.

  • Carol M

    Enjoyed this third book of the series. The length might deter; however, it flows easily and holds my interest throughout. The narration is great

  • Onna M

    This book has made me laugh and cry and still help my interest. The length of the book didn’t matter because it kept you captivated... what a great book. You feel like you are right there with them....


    I absolutely LOVE the Outlander series..my absolute favorite..but I have say. the narration of this particular book was OFF...it was as if listening to a grandmother...The voice was sharp...the emotion was OFF...the pronunciation of many words was off...not happy...finding it hard to keep listening

  • Candice C

    Love the Outlander series

  • Kellyn B

    My favorite in the whole series, it builds up tension so well. This is my second time listening to it after having listened to all eight books and I still love it just as much. The tension delivers and you can truly feel the echoes of grief throughout this story and the ripples of consequence over this twenty long years. Davina Porter's consistent quality only adds to the dimension of all these books and there is a true chemistry between her voice acting and Diana Gabaldon's writing.

  • Karena W

    Enthralling. An exciting book from the moment it starts. Hated having to stop the recording to sleep! Now for the next book... Great narration by Davina Porter, too. Thank you.

  • Cheryl K

    I love this series by Diana Gabaldon. The reader has the perfect voice and inflections to take you through the stones. You'll know what I mean when you listen to the series. I love audiobooks.com! I can listen while we drive and while I'm painting.

  • Beckie L

    Never a dull moment in this series. The greatest way to enjoy the book while getting business done. Davina Porter has done a great job bringing the charachters to life :)

  • Sarah A

    One of the best series of historical fiction that I've come across. Narration helps to visualize the characters and their individual personalities. Best if read in sequence. Helps to keep the timeline straight.

  • Phillip S

    Another good book in the series Great narration

  • Jennifer O

    Amazing, love this book, the Narration is excellent.

  • Amy A


  • Michael Simberlund

    I have loved these characters since the series began on television. Having started the next book the same day I finished finished this one. Davina Porter is incredible narrating Diana Gabaldons wonderful story.

  • Steve Mendenhall

    Great book! I did not realize Jamie and Clair have so many adventures ahead.

  • Stephanie Pimentel

    I thoroughly enjoy these books!

  • Joan Fader

    My favourite of all of Diana Gabaldon's books. An epic story of romance and adventure. Davina Porter does a wonderul job of narrating.

  • Shannon Herb

    Lovely ,lovely , lovely in love with characters written beautifully

  • Jodi Fugman

    I love this! Finding it really hard to focus on real life.

  • kirsten lawson-hadley

    I loved this book and I'm really enjoying this series from Diana Gabaldon!!

  • Victoria Bastock

    Absolutely brilliant story and brilliantly narrated.

  • victoria mcgrane

    Completely absorbing, I loved it.

  • Sonya Franklin

    This book was really fun to me. I love stories that time travel in the past, not the future.

  • Michelle Sullivan

    I thoroughly enjoyed listening to this book, and loved the accents of each character.

  • Anders Jørgensen

    This book was amazing!!! The voices were spot on and kept me on the edge of my seat the entire time.

  • kirsty moran

    Thoroughly enjoying this listenso far. Well narrated.

  • Becca Eller

    It's the 3rd book in the series so I feel like ice already said it all. I love this series! The author and reader are amazing!

  • Emma Coffey

    Love this book!! the narration was brilliant as usual with all the characters being brought to life with those wonderful accents.

  • Shanna Thomassie

    This book was amazing!!! The voices were spot on and kept me on the edge of my seat the entire time.

  • Michelle Graafmans

    Thoroughly enjoyed this recording. Even though I have read all the books, it was handy to listen to the book again while doing my housework.

  • Karen Singletary

    Absolutely my favorite book. Great to listen too and my favorite in the series. The reader does a fabulous job too.

  • Lisa Fite

    I just love this narrator. She really brings each character to life. I really wish they could edit out the annoying "..this completes disc..." interruptions. Even though I've read the books, the audio versions are still worth it!

  • Dolores Quarto

    If you love the Outlander series, this is a must read. Narrative, outstanding .

  • Shelly Perrin

    This book is wonderful!! The narrator on this series is so talented and really brings out the emotions of the characters perfectly!

  • Andrea Tindle

    I love all if the Outlander Series books!! I can't wait until #9 comes out

  • Evelyn Pickard

    I am completely hooked on this series, and this third book has been wonderful. Every bit as absorbing as the first one. I'm so interested now in reading up on Scottish history and my parents' country of birth. I'm really enjoying the narrator, I think she manages all the different accents amazingly. Listening to these books has changed my commute time, I actually look forward to those hours in the traffic now!

  • Michael Boyd

    I'm listening to the 3rd book in the series, and I predominantly read historical fiction. The books have been excellent, and I've been impressed with the historical accuracy and the plots and twists. The narrator is extremely good. She's very good with the different dialects and accents, and she does both gender voices very well. This series has replaced Ken Follett's series as my favorite.

  • Michael Guiler

    I love using audiobooks.com. Easy to use and get all the best books. Narrator's are very good. Voyager is a a really good book the third in the Outlanders series. I'm interested in seeing what happens in the following books in the series.

  • Pam Beck

    This is the best app that I have ever downloaded The Outlander series of books has been enjoyable. I have definitely like the narration of this book series.

  • Cortney hood

    Historically accurate, particularly for fiction. Narration is stellar but I do wish the narrator's voice wasn't so elderly; it gives the characters an age that doesn't exist.

  • Hilla Ben-Pazi

    what I like best in these books is that the perspective of a nurse/doctor traveling back in time. this novel approach is unique since the person telling the story sees and describes the scene from the modern perspective... very interesting to see that knowledge sometimes have little impact...

  • Stephanie wheeler

    One word " Awesome" Recorded Books make the story and Jamie's adventures come alive! Thank you RB, Stephanie W.

  • Erin Beeman

    A great follow up to Dragonfly in Amber. The narrator does a terrific job bringing the characters to life.

  • Carrie Keena

    Scrumptious historical details and wonderfully narrated!

  • Karen Boswell

    I loved this series, and while I initially didn't care for this narrator--she did such a wonderful job with all the different characters she won me over as a listener. I've already recommended this series to several friends.

  • Dorrie Tredway

    This is a wonderfully narrated book. It is addicting!

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