Written By: Peter V. Brett

Narrated By: Peter Bradbury

Date: December 2009

Duration: 18 hours 16 minutes


Peter V. Brett has won accolades from critics, fans and fellow authors alike for this riveting debut novel. The Warded Man features a world where demons stalk the night, hunting humans who have long forgotten the magic of their ancestors. But all is not lost, as some hold out hope that a savior will release humanity from the demons' terrifying reign. 'Brilliant, with action and suspense all the way.' -Terry Brooks


  • Preston Locker

    Super great! Awesome start to the series! Can't wait to began the second!

    4 of 4 people found this review helpful.

  • Stephanie Walters

    I thoroughly enjoyed this, though it took me like an hour to get into it.

    4 of 4 people found this review helpful.

  • Jenna Hughes

    thought that the series was fantastic to listen to. I don't usually like books that jump characters like these do, but it works well because you get views from different sides in each book

    3 of 3 people found this review helpful.

  • Anonymous

    Great read.

    1 of 1 people found this review helpful.

  • Sogan K.

    Enjoys this work. Good story. Good narrator. A not so Young Adult fantasy. It's good. It is.

  • Anthony C.

    It took a while to get hooked but I was pleasantly surprised and will continue the series as the author recommends on his website. Excited to see what happens next!

  • Anonymous

    Enjoyed it but it does take an hour to get into it as others have said

  • John M.

    Amazing read. I really enjoyed the progression of the characters. The narrator was excellent.

  • Alan B.

    Good book enjoyed it enough to move onto the rest of series.

  • Leo C.

    Awesome fiction book!!!

  • Connie E.

    This book and the series is excellent. The narrator does a great job with the characters and his voice inflection is done well. I’m hooked into this authors books.

  • Dale L.

    Narrator brings the dialog between characters to life! Well done!!! 5 out of 5 stars!!!

  • Wesley B.

    The story was slow to start but gave a great feel for the world the characters lived it. The action was great when it happened and ended in a super final battle that was fun and exciting. I liked the book. I recommend it to fantasy readers and those that like rediscovery of lost arts and science.

  • Gabrielle T.

    I’m on the second book. It’s a great series. The author has created his own world. Interesting characters, history, language, and customs.

  • joshua coleman

    I'm posting this after finishing the series. Overall this is great series. the first and last book are leaps ahead of the other two. The second book is fairly slow. you have to stick with the series to get to the great ending. I will leave a good warning for this series though. It uses sex and rape as driving forces throughout almost the entire series. it is at times off putting and frankly unnecessary. if you dont wish to deal with a sex scene or obscene visual every 2-3 chapters I would give this series a hard pass. the magic is captivating and continuous evolves in the story. this is the main draw I had to the story. the author keeps the wonder around the mechanics of warding going all the way until the end of the book. couple this with imaginative fight scenes and Peter Brett had earned himself "boundless honor" in the pages of these stories. The way demons are honed into every aspect of human life was thoughtfully done and blends so seamlessly that the reader doesnt doubt the believably of page they inhabit. You'll wonder how you can like a pack of monster that eat humans so much. I would reccomend this book for anyone that enjoy stories that involve massive world creation. other than the amount sex added in this book would be 5/5.

  • Nick Caron

    For randomly finding this in a V.I.P selection i was blown away with the writing and the narrator.

  • Jeff H.

    Fantastic story line not your standard that I am used to from some many of the fantasy series. I hope the next books continue to as entertaining. Excellent narration too.

  • Kirt W.

    Everything the summary promised. I enjoyed this book very much. Looking forward to the second book !

  • Aaron T.

    enjoying the series

  • Nicole J.

    good reading enjoyed

  • Jonathan R.

    Great story. I'll definitely continue the saga.

  • Anonymous

    slow starter but overall a great read

  • Anonymous

    Takes awhile to get into it. Could use less carnage and more interesting dialogue in the beginning. Other than that it was inventive and intriguing. Loved the characters. Would love to here more. Ok than I find out it’s a series! Yah!

  • Rod M.

    WELL DARN, I have been hopelessly hooked into another wonderfull series! We only think they are being kind with free offerings and "gifts".

  • Michael A.

    good read great listen

  • Anonymous

    I got this free on my VIP rewards was not to sure about it. but it really turned out to be a great book im on the 2nd book now and Im going to finish the series. I would also like to see these books turned into a tv series. the narrator is ok also but wish he did alitte more with the voices.

  • Giridhar Murthy Sreedhara

    one of my most novice reads ever. the author needs to update his vocabulary. this book was written by a kid who thinks he's an adult and also thinks conversations should end with someone spitting on the floor.

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Warded Man, Peter V. Brett
Warded Man, Peter V. Brett
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Warded Man, Peter V. Brett
This title is due for release on December 4, 2009
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Warded Man, Peter V. Brett
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