Warlord Born [Dramatized Adaptation]: The Great Insurrection 1

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
June 2021
6 hours 25 minutes
'For two decades he served… and never questioned the orders.

Would one act of mercy cost him?

Alistair believed in the work. It was important to stop the rebels for the good of the Commonwealth. Over his career he’d become the greatest Titan the Corp had ever seen.

It was a simple mission.

Then the rebels said one thing… and Alistair’s life changed forever.

For ten generations his family had ruled. Alexander’s 30-years as Emperor had been peaceful, but only because he didn’t tolerate dissent. The only thing worse than a rebel was a disloyal Titan.

Alistair must die.

In a battle of Good vs. Evil, the stakes have never been higher.

How will Alistair escape?

Performed by Terence Aselford, Bradley Foster Smith, Rob McFadyen, Zeke Alton, Ken Jackson, Danny Gavigan, Colleen Delany, Audrey Bertaux, Joe Mallon, Nanette Savard, Scott McCormick, Chris Stinson, Christopher Walker, Stephon Walker, Nora Achrati, Catherine Aselford, Amanda Forstrom, David Harris, Rayner Gabriel, Alejandro Ruiz, Christopher Williams, Rana Kay and Matthew Bassett.'
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