Was the Reformation a Mistake?: Why Catholic Doctrine Is Not Unbiblical

Unabridged Audiobook

Written By: Matthew Levering

Narrated By: Sean Runnette

Publisher: Mission Audio

Date: September 2017

Duration: 8 hours 33 minutes


Was the Reformation a mistake?In its actual historical context, it hardly seems fair to call the Reformation a , mistake., In 1517, the Church was in need of a spiritual and theological reform. The issues raised by Renaissance humanism - and by the profound corruption of the Church's leaders, the Avignon papacy, and the Great Schism in the fourteenth and fifteenth centuries - lingered unresolved. What were key theological problems that led to the Reformation?Theologian Matthew Levering helps readers see these questions from a Catholic perspective. Surveying nine key themes - Scripture, Mary, Eucharist, Monasticism, Justification and Merit, Saints Priesthood, and Scripture - he examines the positions of Martin Luther and makes a case that the Catholic position is biblically defensible once one allows for the variety of biblically warranted modes of interpreting Scripture. At the same time, Levering makes clear that he cannot , prove, the Catholic case.The book concludes with a spirited response by , mere Protestant, theologian Kevin J. Vanhoozer.