Waste: One Woman’s Fight Against America’s Dirty Secret

Narrated by:
Karen Chilton

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
November 2020
6 hours 40 minutes
Catherine Coleman Flowers grew up in Lowndes County, Alabama, a place that’s been called “Bloody Lowndes” because of its violent, racist history. Once the epicenter of the voting rights
struggle, today it’s Ground Zero for a new movement that is Flowers’s life’s work. It’s a fight to ensure human dignity through a right most Americans take for granted: basic sanitation. Too many
people, especially the rural poor, lack an affordable means of disposing cleanly of the waste from their toilets and, as a consequence, live amid filth.

Flowers calls this America’s dirty secret. In this powerful book she tells the story of systemic class, racial, and geographic prejudice that foster Third World conditions, not just in Alabama, but across
America—in Appalachia, Central California, coastal Florida, Alaska, the urban Midwest, and on Native American reservations in the West.

Flowers’s book is the inspiring story of the evolution of an activist, from country girl to student civil rights organizer to environmental justice champion at Bryan Stevenson’s Equal Justice
Initiative. It shows how sanitation is becoming too big a problem to ignore as climate change brings sewage to more backyards, and not only those of poor minorities.
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Philip H.

The book is surprizing and so much sadder because it's based on true events. Hard to believe how badly people can be at ignoring the plight of others and the amount of time and effort it takes to address horrible human conditions, if ever, once a forthright person shows people the problems. The author explains the problems aren't one of Republicans or Democrats but of finding the right people who care.

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This is an eye opening true story that is an ongoing issue in America. We must wake up now and realize how this issue will eventually effect all of us, regardless of what community we live in!

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