The Well-Mannered Assassin

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
March 2010
15 hours 2 minutes
From the hand of a real-life model-turned-spy comes this thrilling novel of suspense based on the true intrigues of Carlos the Jackal. One of the most infamous names in the history of espionage, the former model Carlos eluded his enemies for decades—until his recent arrest made headlines across the world. This exciting fictional account reveals the insidious methods and brilliant genius behind his international maneuvers. It is the story of a man whose smooth, cultured charm hides a secret identity and a shattering plot … and the one woman who discovers he is actually the notorious Carlos the Jackal.

The inspiration for the Countess of Romanones’ novel was her own actual meeting with Carlos the Jackal in 1977, as well as her experience as a consultant with a wide variety of world specialists on international terrorism.
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