Wendigo Trail: You'll Wish it was Prairie Madness

Wendigo Trail: You'll Wish it was Prairie Madness

Written by:
Nathan Tarantla
Narrated by:
Nathan Tarantla
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Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
August 2019
1 hour 46 minutes
Based on true events that happened to my great, great, great, great grandfather while he was on the Oregon Trail! He never would have went, but his wife had other ideas. Prompted by her employer to become an 'adventure journalist in the field' for his newspaper, and promised even greater compensation, they decided to move to the West Coast, via the Oregon Trail. So they joined a wagon train, suitably equipped, and journeyed west, following a trail that was marked by graves and pitiful sights. Most of them would never see it to the end. It's not just prairie madness that will kill you.

The ice cannibal, the horror of the mountains, monster of the plains - the Wendigo. A gruesome creature tale of supernatural horror.
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Rudy S.

Story kind jumps all over the place with no logical pattern or plot.

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Theresa J.

Best book narration I have ever heard, even better than the top paid narrators reading the famous people like Stephen King, because of the addition of background sounds. For example, gunshots people screaming, fire crackling, thunder. It really gave life to the story and made you feel like you were listening to a radio show rather than just listening to a person read a book. I wish more books would be produced this way and more authors should seek out this narrator for his skills. The story itself was well-written kept me listening for what was going to happen next. What was killing people? And were they going to encounter it again. If they did how will they defeat it? All round great experience.

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