What Happens in Scotland

Unabridged Audiobook

Written By: Jennifer McQuiston

Narrated By: Lana J. Weston

Publisher: HarperCollins Publishers

Date: July 2013

Duration: 10 hours 26 minutes


She Woke Up Married

When Lady Georgette Thorold awoke she saw . . . her corset hanging from the armoire . . . a very handsome, very naked Scotsman lying beside her . . . and a wedding ring on her finger!

Before the attractive stranger can tell her his name, Georgette does the only sensible thing,she runs for it.

Little does she know, James MacKenzie isn't clear on what happened the night before either. All he knows is that his money is missing and the stunning woman who just ran from the room is either his wife or a thief . . . or possibly both.

What happens in Scotland when two complete strangers fall madly, deeply in love?

A veterinarian and infectious disease researcher by training,
Jennifer McQuiston has always preferred reading romance
to scientific textbooks. She resides in Atlanta, Georgia,
with her husband, their two girls, and an odd assortment of pets,
including the pony she promised her children if mommy
ever got a book deal


  • Nicole Pierce

    I love Scottish period books. The characters were lovable and easy to care about. The detail that the author took to explain the surroundings was so well done. The narrator was delightful. I could listen to her all day long.

  • Brianna Gilligan

    I found this book very enjoyable it was a delightful surprises as I was expecting a romance and got a overwhelmingly lovely Mystery