What If It All Goes Right: Creating a New World of Peace, Prosperity and Possibility

Unabridged Audiobook

Written By: Mindy Audlin

Narrated By: Unknown

Publisher: Gildan Media

Date: December 2010

Duration: 5 hours 38 minutes


"In our fast-paced world, we are in desperate need of simple, yet powerful techniques to draw upon to properly focus our attention in the right ways and on the right things... Thank you, Mindy Audlin, for combining so many useful concepts into such an easy to use and understand tool." -Jon Biel, founder of The Make the Difference Network

What If you could...

-Achieve greater financial success despite the "reality" of a struggling economy?
-Improve your physical health and well-being despite the "reality" of a medical diagnosis?
-Manifest your ideal romantic partner despite the "reality" of prior relationship disappointments?
-Fill your life with peace and beauty, despite headlines of violence and environmental degradation?
-Impact the world in a way that fulfills your purpose and passion, even after you've established a comfortable level of success in your life? What If It All Goes Right? reveals the secret to turning possibilities like these into a tangible reality. With more than ten years of real world application in colleges, businesses, churches, and beyond, world-renowned spiritual advisor Mindy Audlin shares the life-changing strategy that will elevate your mindset and put you on course for a brighter tomorrow, regardless of your current circumstances.

You'll master the essential skills for thriving in today's rapidly changing society: the imagination to quickly identify innovative solutions for unprecedented challenges, and the wisdom to bring these ideas to fruition through "inspired action."

When you are ready to get "unstuck," stop spinning your wheels and step off the treadmill of counterproductive actions, What If It All Goes Right? shows you the way. Discover step by step how to bring peace, prosperity and possibility into every area of your life... one thought at a time!

What If this is the answer you've been waiting for?