What She Found: A Novel

Written by:
Emerald O'brien
Narrated by:
Stephanie Dillard

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
November 2020
7 hours 35 minutes
After her recent separation, Tabitha Weaver is holding her life together by a thread. Luckily, her six closest friends have the perfect cure for heartbreak: a weekend in the countryside complete with relaxation, a blind date, and all the wine she can handle.

But it isn't long before their night at the secluded rental house goes sour. The drinks flow a little too freely and lingering tensions arise before they're interrupted by frantic knocking at the door. The stranger claims to have been in an accident, and though her head is bleeding, she refuses to let them call an ambulance.

With Tabitha distracted by her new beau, another friend leaving to check out the scene of the accident, and the rest of the group busy feuding, they lose track of the stranger's whereabouts. It isn't until she wakes up with a hangover that Tabitha finds a note on her dresser: Don't stop until you find it.

Tabitha disregards the note, and the evening, and returns home believing the weekend is behind her. But when the strange woman is reported missing, the police start circling-the group must reexamine their accounts of what happened that night.
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it was a little boring

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Carmel H.

It was a light read

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Okay, so the narrator was great and lively and interesting The book…are you serious? I’m not a feminist or all “girl power” type of female, but the main character is the weakest, most gullible book character I have ever read/heard! Like, are you serious? ‘Ol girl was gonna cry and throw up about everything! She was irking my nerves. And the author liked to repeat everything. If I was reading it, I would’ve sworn that I must have read that same passage before. It was really redundant. And the book was too long. Could’ve been summed up in half of the time because of the redundancy. And why couldn’t the author use the word “bathroom” or even “restroom”? Why did she keep using “washroom” and “powder room” who uses those terms anymore?

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Jana M.

I had to force myself to finish, felt it was written for an English class in middle school. Waiting for the words “golly gee” and other cornpone comments to come from the characters. Not hard to figure out. The whole “Bonnie” premise “that’s what Bonnie would want us to do” used way to many times. When I finished I dreamed I was at an old log cabin with a small group of people I did not know and they were all gone when I woke but they all left a puppy for me to take care of.

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Angie M.

Overall reminded me of a ‘teen whodunit movie’ kind of mystery. Some cheesy bits, and I didn’t care for some of the narrator’s voices. But the book read quickly and kept me interested. I would recommend as a “beach read” for sure.

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This book kept me guessing the whole time.

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The characters were underdeveloped. It would have been good to know who they really were. What was up with Wesley and the detective?

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