Unabridged Audiobook

Written By: Gregory Maguire

Narrated By: Jason Culp

Publisher: Scholastic Inc.

Date: November 2007

Duration: 7 hours 15 minutes


A terrible storm is raging, and ten-year-old Dinah is huddled by candlelight with her brother, sister, and cousin Gage, who is telling a very unusual tale. It's the story What-the-Dickens, a newly hatched orphan creature who finds he has an attraction to teeth, a crush on a cat named McCavity, and a penchant for getting into trouble. One day he happens upon a feisty girl skibberee who is working as an Agent of Change-trading coins for teeth-and learns that there is a dutiful tribe of skibbereen (call them tooth fairies) to which he hopes to belong. As his tale of discovery unfolds, however, both What-the-Dickens and Dinah come to see that the world is both richer and less sure than they ever imagined.


  • Lorna

    I was in a light hearted mood and enjoyed the tale. There wasn't a lot of depths to it so make sure you're looking for an amusing distraction rather than an intellectual work out.