What's Your Message? Public Speaking with twice the impact, using half the effort

Written by:
Cam Barber
Narrated by:
Cam Barber

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
December 2017
7 hours 14 minutes
Public Speaking has evolved. And most people haven't caught up! This audiobook has 69 chapters so you can easily find the section you want. For example, if you want to control anxiety, check out CHAPTERS 39-44.

- Want a quick method to prepare? Go straight to CHAPTER 49.

- How to start a speech? CHAPTER 59.

- How to end a speech? CHAPTER 60.

- Techniques to engage your listeners from start to finish? CHAPTERS 61-65.

And if you want to immerse yourself in examples of great messaging, CHAPTERS 4 through 29 include case studies of Steve Jobs, Gandhi, Richard Branson, Bill Clinton, Jack Welch, Nelson Mandela and many others.

The revolutionary method in 'What's Your Message?' shows you how to think clearly, manage anxiety and speak persuasively. It helps you bring your ideas to life with:

- A simpler way to control nerves.

- A simpler way to structure your ideas.

- A simpler way to engage your audience with natural delivery skills.


Ch 01 - Audible Intro

Ch 02 - Before We Get Started

Ch 03 - The Power of Messaging

Ch 04 - One Presentation Can Define a Career

Ch 05 - Messaging Case Study_Professional Football Clubs

Ch 06 - External Messages

Ch 07 - Internal Messages (to players and staff)

Ch 08 - The Glue That Holds The Team Plan Together

Ch 09 - Game-Day Motivational Messages

Ch 10 - The Power of Messaging in 4 Areas of Life

Ch 11 - Messaging Makes Great Leaders

Ch 12 - Gandhi

Ch 13 - Nelson Mandela-His Life in Messages

Ch 14 - Steve Jobs_Chief Messaging Officer

Ch 15 - David Morrison_Changing the Culture

Ch 16 - CEO_The Reason for the New Plan

Ch 17 - Messaging Gets Your Ideas Heard_Anita Roddick

Ch 18 - Alan Carr_The Easy Way to Stop Smoking

Ch 19 - Steve Waugh_Leadership for a New Audience

Ch 20 - Politician_How Much Water to Grow an Orange

Ch 21 - Doctor_Convincing People to Support a New Idea

Ch 22 - Messaging Builds Your Personal Brand

Ch 23 - Jules Lund_Finding the Message Changed Everything Effortlessly

Ch 24 - Janine Allis_Messaging Allows Natural Style

Ch 25 - Senior Manager_Leveraging His Knowledge

Ch 26 - Messaging Promotes Your Organisation_Richard Branson

Ch 27 - The Hot Tub Ski Lodge Marketing Message

Ch 28 - CSIRO_Securing Science Funding

Ch 29 - The Pope Francis Effect

Ch 30 - Bad Messaging_The Cake That Cost a Federal Election

Ch 31 - IBM Didn't Think

Ch 32 - Confusing Bushfire Warning_Stay or Go

Ch 33 - Format Wars_BluRay vs HD DVD-Can you put it in a Sentence

Ch 34 - The Vivid Method For Public Speaking

Ch 35 - Public Speaking Myths

Ch 36 - The Other Seven Myths

Ch 37 - The Three Parts of the Vivid Method

Ch 38 - Vivid Method Part One_The Clarity First Principles

Ch 39 - Principle 1_ All Anxiety is Caused by Uncertainty

Ch 40 - Principle 2_Message Transfer is Your Measure of Success

Ch 41 - Principle 3_We All Have The Closeness Problem

Ch 42 - Principle 4_Your Natural Style is the Right Style

Ch 43 - Principle 5_You Can Control Anxiety By Understanding It

Ch 44 - Vivid Method Part 2_Create a Speech Outline

Ch 45 - What is a Speech Outline

Ch 46 - Typical Procrastination Schedule

Ch 47 - Why Does It Work So Well_The Speech Outline as Checklist

Ch 48 - The Difference Between a Traditional Outline and a Vivid Outline

Ch 49 - Crafting Your Message Step By Step

Ch 50 - The Magic of Chunking

Ch 51 - Structuring Your Ideas Step By Step

Ch 52 - Start With Message Statement and Title

Ch 53 - Define Your Chunk Headings

Ch 54 - Find the Key Point for Each Chunk

Ch 55 - Fill The Chunks With Examples, Stories, Evidence

Ch 56 - Structure Helps You DELIVER a Speech More Powerfully

Ch 57 - How to Rehearse in Half The Time

Ch 58 - Vivid Method Part Three_Give Great Explanations

Ch 59 - How to Start a Speech

Ch 60 - How to End a Speech

Ch 61 - Optional Techniques to Engage Your Listeners

Ch 62 - How to PROVOKE the Mind Of Your Listener

Ch 63 - How to CONNECT With Your Listener

Ch 64 - How to ACTIVATE Your Listener's Mind

Ch 65 - Visual Explanations_Leveraging Slides and Visual Support

Ch 66 - Public Speaking Recap

Ch 67 - So To Wrap Up, Bring Your Ideas To Life

Ch 68 - Attend The Course

Ch 69 - Audible close
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Otto T.

refreshing, really creates a nice basis not just for public speaking but all forms of communication where you need to deliver tmao good message

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