Where No Eye Can See

Written by:
Dag öhrlund
Narrated by:
Richard Atlee
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Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
March 2023
8 hours 26 minutes
A desperate father. A raped and murdered boy. A city where everyone seems to know but everyone lies.

Disgraced police detective Ewert Truut returns to the Stockholm office after reassignment on one condition - that he take on cold cases and solve them.
To his chagrin, Truut discovers that he is part of a team and not allowed to work alone. Their first case is baffling and the team is not welcome in the small town. Who knows the truth about Mattia's death ten years ago - the boy's mother, the gym teacher, the former police chief or the gangster-turned-lawyer?
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I had no expectations when I selected this book, but I enjoyed it immensely. Gruff old, do it alone Ewert was a wonderful character. I will be checking out more books from this author.

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Sofia S.

I love Öhrlund and his books, as a Swede and I,ve read them all and it made me really happy to see this book here. It’s hard in Sweden to find any book that dares to challenge the woke culture. Öhrlund does this in a brilliant way by letting ppl from diffrent walks of life meet up in his books and he really challenges the norms we today take for granted without asking if it was an organic growth or a hidden hand and plan that lead us here. He shows how even the most different ppl can find common ground and learn to respect each other and play nice if they just give up prestige and work together. I’m now hoping for the whole serie with the serial killer Christopher Silferbielke to come out here.

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Rob O.

A good listen! Intriguing detective story line, well written and narrated. Overall a real page turner, however the explicit sex interludes involving the main character(s) seem to be part of a parallel story that didn’t quite resolve by the end of.the book.

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Steve J.

I was unpreparedd for the very graphic sex scenes; they were beautifully described. The story was compelling and a page turner (or the audio equivalent) Great narrator.

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Aline T.


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Tomáš F.

great detective story.

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Chris B.

Great story line, graphic sex was not necessary.

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