The White and the Gold

Written by:
Thomas B. Costain
Narrated by:
Richard Matthews

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
August 2010
16 hours 58 minutes
This is the fascinating story of the French regime in Canada. Few periods in the history of North America can equal it for romance and color, drama and suspense, great human courage and far-seeing aspiration. Costain, who writes history in the terms of the people who lived it, wrote of this book: 'Almost from the first I found myself caught in the spell of these courageous, colorful, cruel days. But whenever I found myself guilty of overstressing the romantic side of the picture and forgetful of the more prosaic life beneath, I tried to balance the scales more properly. [This] is...a conscientious effort at a balanced picture of a period which was brave, bizarre, fanatical, lyrical, lusty, and, in fact, rather completely unbalanced.'
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Robert W.

A vast number of characters - explorers, rulers and clergy - well-individualized by Thomas B. Costain, who uses his gifts as a novelist to keep this history book from seeming dry. Read with elegant refinement by Richard Matthew's (who also has to navigate quite a bit of French in the text.)

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