The White Dragon

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
October 2005
14 hours 43 minutes
Volume III of The Dragonriders of Pern®, the influential series by sci-fi/fantasy titan Anne McCaffrey

Never in the history of Pern has there been a dragon like Ruth. Mocked by other dragons for his small size and pure white color, Ruth is smart, brave, and loyal—qualities that he shares with his rider, the young Lord Jaxom. Unfortunately, Jaxom is also looked down upon by his fellow lords, and by other riders as well. His dreams of joining the dragonriders in defending Pern are dismissed. What else can Jaxom and Ruth do but strike out on their own, pursuing in secret all they are denied? But in doing so, the two friends will find themselves facing a desperate choice—one that will push their bond to the breaking point . . . and threaten the future of Pern itself.
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Danette Miller

I love this book. As usual, Anne Mccaffrey writes a wonderful coming of age story of Jaxom and his unique white dragon Ruth. I do have issues with the narrator Mr. Hill and his one voice for different characters. he is better in this book but I wish they would find someone else to voice the characters.

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Sergio C.

People aren't wrong about the quality of the recording, but to me, Dick Hill's voice is iconic for this series. I will forgive that nearly anything. There are some parts that are graphic in violence and some stuff that is not the most healthy in terms of relationships. With that said, this is the turning point of the story in the best way. It leads you to the Renegades of Pern and eventually, All the Weyrs of Pern. That story alone is worth it. You get to see a story of a society trying to rebuild something that was lost with technology and mathematics, which is not the usual for stories like this, but I love it all the more. Enjoy this Story of Jaxom's, but love Robinton, F'lar, Less, and so many more.

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Jeff B.

The book is great, but the voice recording quality seems degraded and out of spec.

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Bonnie J B.

the dragonriders of Pern Series has been one of my favorite series for many years and I love the story in particular but I'm not real impressed with the narrator I still listened to the book all the way through but I have to pick it back up to do it

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