Who Killed Creativity?: ...And How Do We Get It Back?

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
September 2020
7 hours 34 minutes
Who Killed Creativity? reveals what it takes for companies, leaders, managers and individuals to build a culture of creativity and innovation and find new solutions to current problems. Creativity and innovation are critical for future satisfaction and survival: in a recent survey of 1500 CEOs, creativity was found to be the most important quality in leadership, more important than integrity and global thinking. And yet research shows that creativity is now declining at an alarming rate. In this intriguing (and creative!) book, Andrew and Gaia Grant help to reveal why creative thinking and innovation are so important, to identify the possible reasons for the decline of creativity in our generation, and then to provide practical tools in creative thinking and problem solving.  The book is organised into two parts: 1.     Principles: The death and resuscitation of creativity and 2.     Practice: How can we get it back  Key features: §  How the loss of creative confidence affects the bottom line. §  What are the secrets behind creative genius and how can it can be harnessed? §  Teaching creative thought and re-wiring the creative brain. §  The steps for real transformation comes from strategic planning, innovating, communicating, and implementing. §  The three cogs for successful innovation: -          1. Individual approaches method: 7 strategies for creative thinking -          2. Team Actions method: the creative walkaround -          3. Organisation innovation method: the innovation radar and the customer connection
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