Who's Looking Out For You?

Written by:
Bill O'Reilly
Narrated by:
Bill O'Reilly

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
September 2003
5 hours 32 minutes
Media powerhouse and expert critic Bill O'Reilly's most comprehensive book yet offers new insight into the current state of life in America. In examining the social, political, and economic aspects of our daily lives, O'Reilly exhausts every bureaucratic system to see what our higher-ups are doing to take care of us, and points out the people and institutions who are failing the average American. At the same time, he makes one of his most profound and daring journeys yet, as he ventures to question how much genuine altruism is left in a society that thrives on a competitive, increasingly self-indulgent ethos. With thoughtfulness and candor, O'Reilly targets our biggest problems, and offers sage advice on how to regain control and trust in these troubled times.
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Frank Giardini

Honest, straightforward discussion of what makes O'Reilly the way he is. He is confident enough to point out his flaws and laugh. The ego is obvious, however, in the light of his mistakes it is not the focus. It is entertaining and informative. .......hope he continues to represent ideas of folks - like me.

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John B

Man, this is addictive.. I feel like driving longer ways to work! Bill, please don't run for office, this way, you can keep all the slackers in line.. Cheers!

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I enjoy listening to Bill. His style is very engaging and interesting. Because he refers a lot to current events, his books tend to get a little dated, but still great to read.

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Bill O'Reilly did an excellent job in writing this book and narrating the copy. He is a very knowledgeable individual with strong opinions, a few of which I don't necessarily agree. I found the book very insightful and educational, I would highly recommend this book.

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Extremely insightful. Bill cuts through it all. A book about what it takes to be a responsible, successful adult, without taking advantageous of others or doing yourself or your family harm. I became a fox-watcher about a year ago, in part because of my curiousity of what all the negative hubbub was about OReilly. After a year of watching him, and reading and then listening to his books, I must say, O'Reilly is a good person. And I learned and re-learned a lot from him. And that sentiment is from a left-leaning moderate.

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Great book, just like all of his others. Probably one of the most sensible people in the country today. His points of view really make a lot of sense when you take time to think about them.

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Keith Burke

This is another clever book by Bill O'Reilly. He offer solutions to problems by giving you a step by step program. Bill name names of people who are looking out for you and people who are not. Rent this one.

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Iris Labadie

An excellent and very non-partisan book. I am a big fan of Bill O'Reilly and this book only reinforces what I already suspected about those disingenuous folks who really aren't looking out for me or the country.

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Kristina S.

Bill O'Reilly narrates his book, providing that personal touch. I would expect no less from so great a man! This book addresses the most obvious individuals and institutions and asks the question "are they looking out for you?" He then proceeds to enlighten us as to who is and is not looking out for us. It was a wonderful book that kept me thinking for days!

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