Wildly into the Dark: Typewriter Poems and the Rattlings of a Curious Mind

Written by:
Tyler Knott Gregson
Narrated by:
Tyler Knott Gregson

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
October 2018
1 hour 55 minutes
The most intimate and eclectic poetry collection yet from bestselling author and online sensation Tyler Knott Gregson

With loyal fans around the world and across the internet, Tyler Knott Gregson is reinventing poetry for a new generation, using Instagram and Tumblr to reach readers where they are.

Tyler’s third collection includes more of his popular Typewriter Series poems (featured in his first book, Chasers of the Light) as well as never-before-published scenes that paint the world as only Tyler sees and experiences it. Filled with vivid emotions, Wildly into the Dark is a must-have for longtime fans as well as newcomers to Tyler’s unique brand of passionate, intimate, and playful words and images.
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