Willing Hostage

Written by:
Marlys Millhiser
Narrated by:
Lynda Evans

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
February 2018
8 hours 11 minutes
Overwhelmed by an ill-fated love affair, an unsatisfactory career as a model, and her mother's crushing suicide, Leah Harper leaves Chicago and tragedy behind and heads west in her battered old Volkswagen. With the Colorado Rockies in sight, the long hours on the highway take their toll and Leah takes refuge in a cabin at a seedy motel. A raging storm moves in while she is showering in the out-building. She dashes back to her cabin only to be shocked by a blinding flash of lightning and an ominous figure who warns, "Turn on the light and you're dead."
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Kerry P.

Marlys Millhiser has written some of my favorite books. There is a 1970s vibe to every one of her books (although the Mirror also takes place in the 1920s/1970s). Willing Hostage finds Leah Harper who has left Chicago to put her mother's suicide behind her only to find that she is mistaken for a doppelganger CIA woman. THere is a lot of cat and mouse and I found the story engaging.

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