Willow of Ashes: YA Dark Fantasy Adventure

Willow of Ashes: YA Dark Fantasy Adventure

Written by:
Ellie Raine
Narrated by:
Matt Goodson , Christa Burton
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Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
November 2020
16 hours 7 minutes
He was born with magic to control the dead, but are his powers strong enough to save the living?In a mysterious world of ghosts and powerful magic, an ancient prophecy foretells darkness and doom. The only one who can stop it is a necromancer trapped between the living and dead.

Special Features

- Dual Narration
- Original Music
- Sound Effects

In the five realms of Nirus, death is managed by the knights of Grim: the Reapers. When someone dies, their NecroSeam (the thread stitching one’s soul to their body) must be reaped to release their ghost and begin their transition into the afterlife. If the soul is allowed to rot inside its body, the corpse becomes a monstrous undead creature called a Necrofera.

Born with magic to control souls of the dead, Xavier trained hard to become an honorable Reaper knight, fighting the Necrofera and guiding ghosts to their final resting place. Tragically, his own life was cut short before he was fully knighted. Except Xavier’s Necroseam was never actually reaped. His ghost isn’t even sure if his missing body is dead or alive. He only remembers being thrown off a cliff before his soul awoke in someone else’s body.

Desperate to exist again, Xavier journeys to the other kingdoms to find his missing body and reverse his bizarre curse. But there are others looking for Xavier in these strange, sunny lands. A lady Reaper is sent by the cryptic King of Dreams on a secret mission to find the missing necromancer, an underground rebellion wants him to help overthrow their false king in this foreign realm, and a vicious demon queen with her horrifying army of soul-eating Necrofera has marked Xavier as her next target.

As he uncovers the mystery behind his curse, Xavier learns the dark prophecy surrounding him will only make things worse. And if he fails in his quest, it will bring total destruction to the world.
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