Wingman #7 - Freedom Express

Written by:
Mack Maloney
Narrated by:
Terence Aselford

Abridged Audiobook

Release Date
January 2004
2 hours 20 minutes
The western lands are under siege by the Twisted Cross, a power-hungry neo-Nazi army carving out a piece of America for their savage agenda. The retaliation: Supertrain, a miles-long, fully-loaded war machine with a platoon 12,000 strong, hurtling toward occupied territory. Their guide is Hawk Hunter, armed and ready in a jump-jet bomber to combat the country's deadliest adversaries.

As the train nears the Grand Canyon, Wingman knows that the dawn of a new Armageddon is about to unfold. But for the fearless pilot, salvaging a once-proud nation is the perilous mission he was born for and, damn his enemies to hell, the one he would die for!

Don't miss the rest of the Wingman series. This title is also included in Wingman Collection II.
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