Wings Over Malta

Written by:
Ron Powell
Narrated by:
Hannibal Hills

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
June 2022
14 hours 20 minutes
In March 1942, Battle of Britain Spitfire ace, Jack Williams, is one of 15 pilots flying the first Spitfires to reach the most heavily bombed place on Earth: the tiny Mediterranean island of Malta. Their task is simple, regain control of the air.

But when not sheltering from incessant bombing by Luftwaffe forces based only minutes to the north on Sicily, Jack and his fellow pilots are hunted from take off to landing by tens of Messerschmitt 109Fs.

Can they, and the Island, survive?
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Bob D.

This is a follow-up to Ron Powell's brilliant Wings Over Summer and continues the story of spitfire pilot Jack Williams. This time the action is in Malta. Ron's ability to transport the reader directly into the cockpit of the spitfire is breathtaking and Hannibal Hills excellent narration brings the excitement and action even more to life. Before retiring from the RAF Ron flew all manner of aircraft and so writes authenticity and passion about his subject. His books are always well researched and historically accurate. I enjoyed the print version and will now enjoy this excellent series while I drive on long journeys. I highly recommend these books to you.

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K. R.

Having read the print version of Ron Powell's book Wings over Malta ,which I enjoyed immensely, I decided to use my complementary code to listen to the audio version. I was pleased to see that this book like the previous one, Wings over Malta, was read by the same narrator, Hannibal Hills. Recognising, that it must have been a difficult task to sustain the frequent changes of accents over more than fourteen hours of recording, I have given the narration five stars for his skill in achieving this level of success. I've loved Ron's previous books, enjoying his talent as a writer in managing to keep the reader's interest, even throughout some of the technical chapters, whilst bringing the story to life. And this this one didn't disappoint , which is why it too has been given five stars.

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