Winter Study

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
April 2008
12 hours 28 minutes
It is January, and Park Ranger Anna Pigeon is sent to Isle Royale in Lake Superior to learn about managing and understanding wolves, as her home base of Rocky Mountain National Park might soon have its own pack of the magnificent, much- maligned animals. She's lodging in the island's bunkhouse with the famed wolf study team, along with two scientists from Homeland Security, who are assessing the study with an eye to opening the park in the winters - an act that would effectively bring an end to the fifty-year project - so that the area can be manned to secure the scrap of border with Canada. Soon after Anna's arrival, the wolf packs under observation begin to behave in peculiar ways. Giant wolf prints are found, and Anna spies the form of a great wolf from a surveillance plane. The discovery of wolf scat containing alien DNA leads the group to believe that perhaps a wolf/dog hybrid has been introduced to the island. When a female member of the team is savaged, Anna is convinced she is being stalked, and what was once a beautiful, idyllic refuge becomes a place of unnatural occurrences and danger beyond the ordinary. Alone on an island without electricity or running water, with temperatures hovering around zero both day and night, Anna fights not only for the wolves but for her own survival as well
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Carol B.

I remember reading this years ago. I find it is one of the most brutal Anna Pigeon stories. Like all her stories, well told, so very descriptive. The last in the series of Anna Pigeon stories in the Audio book club, l have spent the month delving into the life of Anna Pigeon. I love the descriptions and feel of the wild that Anna Pigeon works in. A veritable Super Woman, Anna always perseveres, despite some very serious injuries, and survived death - EVERY TIME! Well written and well read.

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Andrew B.

Pretty boring book, annoying characters, massively overlong (it's a murder mystery and was 5 and a half hours before the first person died!).

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Nancy Ryan

I love all the books by by Nevada Barr! Through her stories, characters and imagery she brings to life the National Parks that many of us love so much, and weaves murder mystery tales into the fabric of the parks, as seen through the eyes of Anna Pidgeon, her earthy, strong main character through all of her books. Winter Study is my favorite book so far. Isle Royale has been in the news lately because the wolf population is currently down to only 2 wolves and there is controversy about

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