Winter's Rescue: Winter Black Season Two

Winter's Rescue: Winter Black Season Two

Written by:
Mary Stone
Narrated by:
Brittany Goodwin
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Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
February 2024
7 hours 18 minutes
Nice girls finish last. Bad girls finish dead.When Private Detective Winter Black-Dalton receives a slew of messages from a mother desperate to protect her children after a traumatizing divorce, she takes the case without hesitation. Not only is it a welcome distraction from unpacking boxes, but Winter hopes to assuage the guilt still fusing her to her past.

She should have known better.

A crayon drawing of guns and 'nakid notty girls' by her client’s five-year-old daughter hints at the wealthy and powerful father’s depraved activities. When the man in question warns Winter off the investigation, he reeks of cunning. But she has no hard facts, only impressions. And with no FBI badge to open doors, she needs to get creative.

But the more Winter investigates, she fears something far more sinister lurks beneath the surface. And when local call girls mysteriously disappear, Winter must risk it all to save other young women from the same fate.

The mystery and suspense continue with Winter’s Rescue, the second book in the Winter Black Season Two series, a thrilling ride that will make you realize things aren’t always as they seem. Sometimes they’re much worse.
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