Witch's Fury

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
March 2018
5 hours 29 minutes
A shadow mage has stolen the Witch's Blade, the only weapon that can save this world from being ravaged by demons. Worse, the murderous warlock behind it all keeps sending assassins to kill me. Not to mention the truce with the vampires is broken, our inter-coven war has resulted in countless fatalities, and there are no longer enough mages alive to fight against our true enemies.

There's only one way to save the world. I must track down the Witch's Blade and use it to close the veil between the demon realm and ours. Once and for all. Because if I don't, humanity will be forever doomed.
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juliet appiah-nyanta

overall good read

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The Rudy Files

This would have been so much better if the lead character didn't spend the entire series second guessing herself and explaining her emotions. I have never eye rolled or said out loud 'No s**t Sherlock'. It was free though.

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Shannon B.

I enjoyed entire series. it has a bit of Vampire diaries mixed with Twilight.

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enjoyed and quick moving series

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I enjoyed this series. I found the characters to be believable and constant. I really like that there’s a continuous fast pace of supernatural action.

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