Won't Get Fooled Again: A Voter's Guide to Seeing Through the Lies, Getting Past the Propaganda, and Choosing the Best Leaders

Unabridged Audiobook

Written By: Joseph H. Boyett

Narrated By: Phil Gigante

Publisher: Brilliance Audio

Date: October 2008

Duration: 7 hours 34 minutes


In the last decade, incompetent leadership has done more to change the face of our world than perhaps in any other time in history. Recent events like Hurricane Katrina and the war in Iraq have proven that blind faith in our rulers is more than foolish - it can be downright dangerous. The world has grown more complicated and more volatile, and making intelligent decisions about the people in charge has never been more crucial. What causes us to follow bad leaders and how can we stop it? The answer is simple: If we want better leaders, we need to become better informed and more demanding followers. Won't Get Fooled Again is an eye-opening look at the politicians and other public servants who promise too much and deliver too little. Using extensive research and solid evidence, author Joseph Boyett reveals: • why we need leaders in the first place • how to tell if a leader is authentic • the top four red flags that your leader's vision is flawed • why "wishy-washy" candidates and "flip floppers" can make the best leaders. Timely and revelatory, this is the one book that will change the way we vote, the way we see the world, and who we trust.