Work Different: 10 Truths for Winning in the People Age

Narrated by:
Melanie Carey
VIP Reward

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
February 2024
9 hours 12 minutes
An insightful and practical new guide to how sustainable people management works in today’s global economy, with guidance on how to transform the way your organization recruits, hires, upskills, and retains its people.

In Work Different: 10 Truths for Winning in the People Age, a team of business experts and workforce advisors give an incisive take on the staffing challenges facing leaders in the modern global economy. The audiobook reveals how executives and decision makers can adapt their people agenda for shifts in labor models and employee sentiment.

You’ll look ahead to what’s next and learn how to weave sustainability and resilience into your business priorities and make real progress on profits, people, and the planet.

You’ll also discover:
How generative AI and labor trends will converge to put a premium on agile organizations How to understand what people really want from the organizations they’re employed by: The Lifestyle Contract How you can build a culture that transcends structures and walls, and places skills at the heart of change How stakeholder capitalism and ESG are drawing a new roadmap for success
An indispensable resource for executives, managers, board members, human resources professionals, and other business leaders, Work Different: 10 Truths for Winning in the People Age is the no-nonsense, hands-on people management blueprint that you’ve been waiting for.
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