A World Without Heroes

Unabridged Audiobook

Written By: Brandon Mull

Narrated By: Jeremy Bobb

Publisher: Simon & Schuster

Date: March 2011

Duration: 14 hours 30 minutes


Bestselling author Brandon Mull brings his newest blockbuster-ready fantasy series to Simon & Schuster Audio!

Jason Walker lives a predictable life: going to school, playing baseball, volunteering at the local zoo—until one day he falls through a tunnel near the hippo tank and ends up in a new, utterly different world. In Lyrian, the people dress differently, behave differently, and all live in fear of their malicious Emperor, Surroth. But in Jason’s search for a way home, he learns of a magical, ancient word that could destroy the terrifying Surroth.

With his accidental knowledge of one of the word’s six syllables, Jason finds himself in great danger and must embark on an epic quest to discover the remaining syllables and take down his powerful new enemy. Jason and his companion, Rachel—a fellow Beyonder who also arrived in Lyrian suddenly and without understanding why—must face challenges to their bodies, minds, and hearts and encounter places and people they can barely believe are real.

 In a world with no heroes, and no hope, Jason finds himself faced with the prospect of becoming the hero he never imagined he could be.


  • Chris Hood

    the narrator STINKS!!!!!! HE has a COMPLETELY DULL!!!!!

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by Brandon Mull

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World Without Heroes, Brandon Mull